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released June 22, 2011



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aden North Carolina

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Track Name: Post Racial America
i'm gon' spread my wings
lift off the ground
don't worry 'bout a thing
won't never come down
i'll fly
i'm gon' lace my boots
and take my time
face my truth
and take my climb
and fly

(the civil rights movement continues)
nope, it's over
race no longer exists, praise jehovah
no more race cards
if you just pray hard
you can be anything you wanna be,
thank God
and if you still ain't got no money on your bank card
or if your whip is still waiting for a paint job
black children grow up,
you can be whatever you want
the world is your oyster
just gotta pull yourself up
i feel so relieved
martin luther king's dream achieved
post racial if you don't believe you've been deceived
sag your pants, rock your cornrows and fros
you can get a job now, race don't matter no more
sister if your name ends in “isha” nice to meet ya
go get a great job, be a doctor or a teacher
bootstraps poster boy in the office, ode to joy
this ain't no media ploy, racism truly is no more
oh boy


no more equal but separated
schools no longer segregated
it's on you whether you fail or pass
no more real estate steering
no more down low dealing
and no more stupid ass movies like “crash”
(but blacks ain't athletic)
and whites ain't just smart
(blacks ain't horses and studs)
and whites don't work hard
came through dense fog
whites don't smell like wet dog
no more need to press hard
just let go and let God
no affirmative action
for greedy lazy black ones
meritocracy separates the strong from the slack ones
richard wright's a boy
ralph ellison's visible
the klan's just a club
one nation indivisible
taking it further, angie stone just sings “brother”
james weldon johnson really is no longer colored
life became less complicated with our hero nominated
never underestimated, degraded, denigrated, or hated
man we made it
celebrate it
we all so progressive, so liberal, so elevated
teens don't worry about going to separate proms
ain't no more jungle fever but we still hear the drums
that ain't black on black no more, it's just crime
join the n double a p, 'cause it's about time
everybody's feeling fine, everybody's feeling friendly
no more woolworth's counter, let's get a grand slam at denny's


republicans insulted women
photoshops of palin swimming
bikini and rifle
threw the election, got an eyeful
and an earful
black people oh so tearful
he inherits the mess, no more struggle no stress
so what's left?
gender? sexuality? creed?
(but can we still point out racism?)
no indeed
pull tar babies out the briar patch, out of the thicket
but you talk about gay marriage all you gonna hear is crickets
(one thing at a time, we just talking about color
this ain't post sex, and we ain't all brothers)
women earning 75 cents on the dollar
but we got rid of race and that makes me wanna holler
promise black voters nada they gon' vote for him regardless
he talks the same garbage about the youth and black fathers
it's a gaffle, a disgrace,
spread across all fifty states
the idea that in this country we no longer notice race?
get out my face


if i offend then so be it
post racial society?
i don't intend to see it
we will never be it
(in my lifetime)
but i might find
the right rhyme
at the right time
ignite minds in my sight line to fight crime in this night time
til then i got my iris focused on that papyrus
never shut my eyelids
gotta shout through the silence
bigotry's a virus
contagious and violent
intolerance is subtle
but erewhere you can find it
in your music
in your job
in your TV in your heart
in the thoughts that you lob
in the words that are darts
turn on the tv hear the fools lie
they all blowing smokey smoke
don't fall for the okey doke
he had to run the perfect election
to get y'all to respect him
and still barely squeaked in at the end but God bless him
(you say you ain't racist?)
you ain't too too honest
(you think race is dead?)
look at youtube comments
in your brain in your veins in your pain
it's ingrained
in the way you look at the world, your peers, who you blame
it's behind closed doors
on the web and in ya head
it's on dance floors, in ya pores and in ya bed
clubs, schools, and churches are still segregated
as ever—everything but the military and jail
but y'all think only blacks in there so what the hell
with more blacks on welfare with no health care, fail
fabricated stats about incarcerated blacks
and numbers of black men in college all pushed as common knowledge
black people—race racism class victims
blame each other for their conditions listen it's all a system
and the half black pres
ain't helping when i'm getting told to get on my knees and put myhands behind my head
ain't helping if i'm dead, gotta go and do for self
and if race ever disappeared we'd replace it with something else, come on